Warzone: Infinity Ward Fast-Tracking Fix For "Black Box" Glitch

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Season Five of Warzone is in full swing and as players get to grips with the high-speed train steaming through Verdansk, the notorious weapon glitch which mainly affects PC players continues to plague the popular battle royale title.

As players continue to experience the game-breaking glitch, Warzone developer Infinity Ward has confirmed that the studio is fast-tracking a fix.


This particular glitch blows the polygon of a weapon out of proportion when it renders, causing it to block the entire screen, leaving players as sitting ducks when it comes to engaging with an enemy.

The Glitch

First instances of the issue first arose when the Season 5 update went live across all platforms. Although the issue doesn’t seem to occur as frequently on consoles, the issue has been running rife on PC, with several prolific Warzone players expressing their frustrations regarding the glitch, and how long it has taken for a fix to be implemented.


The studio behind the Modern Warfare franchise has posted a Tweet stating that it is fast-tracking a fix which will see the issue resolved once and for all.

Warzone Gun Glitch Fix

As of writing (August 14th) a release date for the fix has yet to be revealed by Infinity Ward. Perhaps it could come as part of the mid-season update, likely to go live towards the end of August, but we will have to keep our eyes peeled to Infinity Ward’s social channels.