Call of Duty: Warzone: How To Fix Error Code 664640

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The first season of Black Ops Cold War integration into Call of Duty: Warzone is well underway.

It’s no secret that Season One hasn’t been the smoothest thanks to poor weapon balancing and the return of several glitches that are ruining Warzone matches for many players.


Alongside the in-game glitches, players have also encountered numerous error codes that often prevent them from dropping into Verdansk.

One of the error codes that has caused plenty of problems is error code 664640 and usually appears when the game is attempting to acquire your online profile.

In this article, find out how to fix this annoying error.

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How To Fix Error Code 664640

Before tweaking any settings within the game or on your platform, check the server status of Warzone to see if other players are experiencing any form of connectivity issues when attempting to load into the game.

If not, the error code is a connection issue between your PC or console and the Warzone servers.



For PlayStation, players have found a workaround by changing the DNS servers of the console, enabling them to fix the error.

To do this, head to the Network Settings and select the option to manually determine a DNS server. Enter either or into the boxes and this should fix the issue.


For Xbox players encountering the issue, the DNS settings can be changed within the settings of your respective console.


Select Settings, All Settings, Network, Advanced Settings, DNS Settings, and select Manual to enter either or By doing this, you should not see the error code appear when loading into the game, meaning you can get straight back into the action.

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For those on PC that are experiencing this error, the process is a little bit more complex but is more than likely to fix your game.


Open the Control Panel and click on Network and Internet. From there, click on Network and Sharing Center and head to Change Adapter Settings.

Right click on the network you’re connected to and select Properties. Click on IPv4 and select properties on the right.

If “Obtain DNS server address automatically” is selected, click “use the following DNS server addresses.” Type in or and click on OK.

You’re all set to get back into Warzone!