Call of Duty Warzone Season 4: How to unlock new Battle Royale operators on PS4, Xbox and PC

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Call of Duty: Warzone is gearing up for the release of Season 4 of Modern Warfare.

This means we are in store for yet another batch of fresh Operators. 


Here's how to unlock all the latest ones for Modern Warfare. 

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How to unlock new Operators in Warzone

As per an Activision blog post:


'To play as any other Operator in Warzone, you’ll need to unlock the Operator in an Operator Bundle, by completing in-game challenges if you have the full Modern Warfare game, or by acquiring an Operator skin (such as through the Battle Pass). Free-to-play users cannot unlock Operators through in-game challenges.'

That means if you've got the full Modern Warfare game, you'll be able to unlock fresh skins – but free-to-play customers can't, and will only be able to unlock via microtransactions,

Don't forget that the Tutorial does reward players with a new skin – so it's worth hopping in.