Call of Duty Warzone: Classic Trios BR Mode Tips & Tricks To Winning More Games

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The latest update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone has gone live across all platforms.

Patch 1.21 has bought in a wealth of changes to both Modern Warfare and Warzone including the introduction of Classic BR, a limited-time playlist that strips back Warzone to the bare essentials.

With no Buy Stations, no contracts and no second chance in the Gulag, you must rely on the weapons you find on the ground and in Supply Crates in order to claim the victory. In this article, find some handy tips and tricks on how to master this limited-time mode.

The Best Ground Loot

With players unable to buy a Loadout Drop in the Classic BR mode, you need to know which are the best weapons to find on the ground.

Here are just a few weapons that you should be keeping a lookout for when dropping into Verdansk.


M4 Warzone
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Widely considered to be one of the very best weapons in Modern Warfare and Warzone, the M4 is a great rifle to find early on in the game. The fast rate of fire shreds through enemy armour quickly but remember to control its recoil!

Armed with the highest damage output of any fully automatic rifle, its slow and steady rate of fire allows you deal plenty of damage even at the longest of ranges but be sure to control the recoil.


PKM Warzone
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Despite the lack of mobility, the PKM certainly packs a punch and is one of the most underrated ground loot weapons in the game.

Use the large magazine to your advantage by mounting on an object to rain fire onto an opponent without the worry of controlling recoil


Uzi Warzone Class Setup
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Since the removal of the MP7 from the weapon pool, the Uzi may not have the blistering rate of fire of the MP7, but it can still rack up the damage in short to medium range battles.

If you happen to find another SMG variant in a loot crate, it’s probably best to swap the Uzi out, but for an early game weapon, the Uzi is more than capable of holding its own.






The Best Drop Locations

Promenade East

Promenade East Warzone
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Filled with plenty of buildings to find loot and to use as vantage points, Promenade East is an ideal place to drop if you’re looking to grab a couple of weapons and start clearing out the opposition.

With a total of five vehicles in the area, a quick escape can be pretty easy to negotiate with an SUV and Tac Rover at the far east and west sides of the area. The road running through the middle of the area makes for an easy kill if you can catch out an opponent attempting to cross over.

The area lends itself to mid to long-range engagements, making it a perfect location to use the majority of ground loot.


If you are looking to get straight into the action as soon as your feet touch the ground, the Superstore is the place for you!

Choose to drop in at the several entrances on the ground or risk landing on the roof at the expense of getting a smaller selection of weapons.

If you do choose the roof, it is likely there will be a supply crate located on there so you may get your hands on a Legendary weapon blueprint before you head into the store for a spot of slaying.

Be aware of the fact that there is only one vehicle in the area so competition will be high for those looking for a quick getaway once armed with a strong loadout.







Farmland Warzone
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If you’re looking for a place away from all the chaos then the Krovnik Farmland may just be the ideal place for you to spend some time looting before heading towards the action.

There are several buildings scattered across the land, with the majority containing some form of loot or armour to get you on the way to having a loadout capable of defeating those that opted for a heavily populated landing spot.

The long lines of sight are also a blessing in disguise. With most ground loot being difficult to use effectively at long distance, exploring the area is very easy.

Just be aware of anyone hiding out inside one of the many small shacks with a shotgun looking to send you straight back to the pre-game lobby!






The Best Strategies

All In

Sometimes the best way to defend yourself in Warzone is to take out as many enemies within your vicinity. For those that like to play aggressively, landing in a busy location, grabbing the bare essentials and taking anyone out while they continue to loot is a sure-fire way of securing plenty of kills before the second circle even appears.

If you can acquire a decent weapon early, you can catch out a lot of opponents who are scrambling around with nothing but a 725.

Choosing this strategy doesn’t come without risks. Hurtling at breakneck speeds through closed doors could lead to an untimely death so opt to avoid any areas that arise your suspicions.

Play the Zone

With no Buy Stations, UAVs are going to be hard to come by, which can benefit you when attempting to navigate around the map and planning the next move.

For this particular strategy to work, it’s important not to challenge every single enemy that you lay eyes on. Wait for the next circle to appear and make your move inside. Combine well-timed rotations with picking off a few enemies here and there and by the late stages of the game, you will be in a prime position to climb aboard the victory helicopter.

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