Warzone: 18th December Patch Notes - XP Tokens Re-Enabled!

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A new update has been pushed to Warzone, just a few days after the launch of Season 1.

In a series of tweets, Raven Software updated the community on the state of their popular Battle Royale.

Here's what's changed

Warzone 18th December Patch Notes

  • Enabled use of previously earned Modern Warfare/Warzone XP tokens (see thread for details)
    • Legacy tokens earned in MW before S1 will be usable in MW multi and WZ
    • All tokens earned in S1 and onwards are usable in BOCW and WZ (but not MW multi)
    • Total number of legacy + new tokens visible in MW/WZ (legacy consumed first)
    • Legacy tokens are not visible in BOCW
  • Selecting the “Randomise All” option for emblems should work as intended
  • Seasonal Progression Challenges will now show correct preview images
  • Hid a base Weapon Challenge that should not have been available yet
  • Fixed some issues when redeeming Store bundles
  • Various weapon adjustments

There's currently no mention on when Helicopters will return.

These were disabled due to an invisibility glitch plaguing the game.

Interestingly, it appears some new weapons have been hidden from the game as they aren't ready for distribution.

This could be referring to the weapons recently found by dataminers.