Modern Warfare Battle Royale: What Is Classified mode? Battle Royale Warzone Announcement Coming Soon?

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare launched its second season yesterday, but it’s not the new operator, maps, or modes that have players in a frenzy.

No, what’s got fans all excited is a new entry on the main menu of the game that leads to a mode that’s “Classified”.


Could this be the first sign of a Battle Royale?

Is It A Battle Royale?

Of course, many are crying out for this to be the final confirmation of the oft-rumoured Battle Royale, and thanks to a reputable leaker of CoD info we may well have a better idea of what to expect.

Youtuber TheGamingRevolution released a series of tweets last night, which shine a light on a forthcoming Battle Royale mode that he claims is coming “sooner than you expect”.



Let’s break down some of his tweets and what they’ll mean for the mode:

  • Battle Royale is likely to be called Warzone
  • It’ll be a free update for Modern Warfare but will also allegedly launch as a free download, too.
  • The game could have two different versions – a faster-paced one and. A more tactical version.
  • There will be a tutorial for the Battle Royale, potentially set in an area called Armistice Training Facility.
  • From images tweeted, it looks like vehicles will play a part, including quad-bikes and helicopters.
  • Season 1 cosmetics might be able to be earned in Battle Royale, potentially as a last chance way to earn rewards you missed.
  • Classic Operators are coming to the game.
  • Remade Modern Warfare 2 maps could also form part of the mode’s map. Fingers crossed for Favela and Terminal.
  • A trailer could hit at any time, so be on your toes!
  • As you can imagine, we’ll be keeping our ears to the ground in case something breaks today so be sure to check back to Gfinity.