How To Make Your Stats Public In Warzone And Cold War

As more and more third-party websites displaying statistics for a Warzone match alongside the “strength” of the skill-based matchmaking, Call of Duty publisher Activision has set all Call of Duty profiles to private which keeps all in-game statistics hidden.

The change was initially made in January 2020.

With more players wanting to find every possible advantage to increase the chance of scoring a victory, a private profile prevents several websites from accessing your in-game stats.

Whether you want to compare your Black Ops Cold War K/D ratio to the best players in the world or want to see how you fare against the rest of a Warzone lobby, showing stats are a great way to display your talents.

With a bit of change on your Activision profile, the stats will reappear.

Here’s how to make your in-game stats public.

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How To Make In-Game Stats Public

First of all, head to the official Call of Duty website and log into your account which you use to play Call of Duty.

It’s worth noting that this particular method works for all platforms and you will see your stats in no time at all.

Next, click on the top right corner and select ‘Profile.’

From there, select the ‘Linked Accounts’ tab on the left-hand side and you will see all of your gaming accounts that are linked to Activision.

Set the ‘searchable’ and ‘data visible’ options to ‘all’ and refresh the website.

Once refreshed, the options should appear as ‘all’ which will enable third-party sites such as SBMM Warzone and Cod Tracker to access your stats, allowing you to compare them with other players.

It will take some time for the changes to take effect, but when they do, your stats will be available to see once again.

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