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Black Ops Cold War And Warzone: 13th May – Playlist Update, Latest Patch Notes And New Content


A new playlist update and content drop is arriving this Thursday, 13th May 2021 for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. 


Treyarch regularly updates what's on offers to avoid stale experiences for their fans.

With Season 3's launch in the rearview mirror, Treyarch is dishing out more in-season content to keep the good times coming.

So what can players expect this week?

Here's what's new in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.

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When Is The Black Ops Cold War And Warzone Weekly Update?

Weekly updates occur every Thursday at 6PM GMT.

Black Ops Cold War Weekly Update - 13th May

Patch Notes

  • TBC

Black Ops Cold War Playlist Updates

New Playlists

  • 12v12 Mosh Pit
  • Gunfight Tournament Duos
  • Party Games

New Content & Store Update

Tracer Pack: Antonov Operator Bundle


Featuring his Legendary “Meltdown” Operator Skin. Also included are two Legendary Weapon Blueprints with nuclear tracer fire and dismemberment effects: the “Toxic Contaminant” Tactical Rifle and the “Nuclear Response” SMG. The Pack also includes the “Radiation Detector” Wrist Accessory, the “Toxic Spill” Charm, the “Chemical Burn” Animated Emblem, the “Toxic Throne” Animated Calling Card, and the “Radiator” Vehicle Skin.

Tracer Pack: Tropical

Includes three Legendary Weapon Blueprints: the “Extended Vacation” Sniper Rifle, the “Subtropic” SMG, and the “Tropic Elite” Pistol. Also included in the bundle are the “Caught Staring” Finishing Move, the “CHAMPS” Champagne Bottle Charm, the “Tropic Tumble” Calling Card, and “Pineapple Elite” Sticker.

The Drifter

A Western-themed bundle of four items with the Epic “Tanner” Tactical Rifle Blueprint as its centrepiece. Also in the bundle are a new Reticle, Stone’s “High Plains” Operator Skin, and the “Dead Still,” Epic Calling Card.

Music Legend Mastercraft Bundle

An eight-item pack featuring Wolf’s Legendary “Rockstar” Operator Skin and the heavy metal-themed Ultra “Shredder” Assault Rifle Mastercraft. There’s also the Legendary “Amped Up” Pistol Blueprint, as well as the “Super Disco” Charm, the “Center Stage” Dirt Bike Vehicle Skin, the “Battle Shredder” Emblem, “Soul Searcher” Watch, and “Cultural Export” Calling Card.

Warzone Playlist Updates

  • Added
    • Rebirth Island Resurgence Quads (Added on Monday)
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