Call of Duty: Activision Listing Describes ‘Warzone Mobile’

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Warzone’s success has set new things into motion at Activision, it seems.

A new Activision job listing says the company’s looking to hire an executive producer who can serve as “primary point of contact on [the] Warzone Mobile leadership team.”


This is interesting for a number of reasons, but especially because a game called Call of Duty: Mobile already exists, and it features a 100-player battle royale mode.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Released in October of 2019 around the time of Modern Warfare’s launch, COD: Mobile has generated hundreds of millions of dollars for Activision and has also been downloaded by hundreds of millions of users.

Since then, the multi-platform, free-to-play Warzone has become a colossal success for Activision, reinvigorating the Call of Duty brand with a battle-royale mode that rivals even Fortnite.


Warzone Mobile

Whoever gets the executive-producer role will “own product framing and player experience of a new AAA mobile FPS in the Call of Duty franchise,” the listing says.

So it sounds like Warzone Mobile won’t simply be a rebranding of COD: Mobile’s battle royale but a more faithful attempt to bring the Warzone experience to phones and tablets.

Here are the exec producer’s responsibilities, according to the listing:

  • Shape the mobile game product through driving creative alignment across mobile dev teams and stakeholders across all disciplines.
  • Frame what the game needs and why elements are in, out, or meet quality standards during development.
  • Harvest, adapt, and deliver the essential features from Warzone console and PC into their best mobile instantiation.
  • Improve upon the Warzone formula by proposing and producing mobile-specific additions and changes to features to ensure a best-in-class mobile experience that players will love.
  • Serve as primary point of contact on Warzone Mobile leadership team for clarity and decisions on user-facing features, UX, and overall quality.
  • Lead the creative execution of a multi-functional, distributed development organization to deliver a deep, high-quality mobile game that achieves or surpasses business goals.
  • Lead the creation of clear feature specs, quality standards, and feature KPIs; [set] smart goals for the team and hold employees accountable for deliverables; continually recognize and reward employees for strong performance.
  • Provide alignment and executional direction to development teams in order to deliver on company goals and objectives.
  • Build, foster, and grow partnerships across leaders within the organization to aid team in delivery of successful products and their services.
  • Prepare status-update materials and communicate clear state of development, progress, challenges, and next steps to the team and to executive stakeholders through the greenlight review process and other internal checkpoints.
  • Work with COD leadership to bring value to the overall franchise through mobile innovations.
  • Manage, coach, mentor, and develop creative and production staff to ensure growth, expand the talent base, and build a succession bench.
  • Exemplify leadership and behaviors to build an inclusive and diverse culture that provides continuous feedback, support, and empowerment.  
  • Think player-first; play the game and understand the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities with the player experience.
  • Study everything in the space (games, business models, mechanics, technology) to maintain current market context and discuss with peers, partners, team members, and leadership.