Warzone's Latest Update Saw Record Downloads On Virgin Media

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Warzone's latest update, bringing the battle royale into Season 2, saw record downloads from Virgin Media.

The network's traffic levels reached a record high “as gamers nationwide rushed to download the latest update”.

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Warzone's Latest Update Saw Record Downloads On Virgin Media

According to Virgin Media, average users downloaded a whopping 20.77GB of data in 24 hours on February 25 – the day that Warzone's new season dropped.

That's 3.5GB more than the most recent record-breaking day for traffic – when Xbox Series S/X landed in November 2020.

Considering that Call of Duty fans have long complained about its huge file size, it's impressive that players continue to jump headfirst into Verdansk – even with sizeable patches. The latest update reached almost 18GB, and the game is now too big for a base, 500GB PS4.

For more on Warzone, be sure to check out the latest patch notes from this week here.

It also sounds as though a new sandbox mode could be on the way – let's hope it doesn't come with another huge download attached, eh?