What is the Size of the Warzone Caldera Map?

Season 6 of Warzone is well underway and as players begin to shift their attention towards Call of Duty: Vanguard, the battle royale will be getting a brand-new map located in the Pacific region, launching at the beginning of November. Prior to the debut of Caldera, Raven Software announced that Season 6 will be the final time players will be dropping into Verdansk.

During the Vanguard world premiere, Call of Duty caster Clint 'Maven' Evans accidentally revealed the new Caldera map in front of thousands of people, much to everyone's amusement. With Caldera coming with some major changes and features, players are now beginning to wonder about the overall size of the map and how it compares to Verdansk. With that said, how big is the new Warzone Caldera map?

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Warzone Caldera Map Size

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Caldera is situated on a mountainous island and is a completely different setting when compared to Verdansk. However, Reddit user 'AyranMen32' has come up with a rough comparison between both maps, and it looks like Caldera could be slightly busier than the downtown metropolis.

The post showcased the size comparison between Verdansk and Caldera and has highlighted that the Caldera island is much bigger than the iconic Verdansk. After doing some extensive research, the user posted another picture of the map stating, "there is a bit of difference, not much".

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The size of the island is quite large and with a larger number of Caldera's POIs placed on the Island's outskirts, some players are already concerned that the map may feel sparsely populated when they drop into the action.

When Does Warzone Pacific Caldera Map Release?

Activision confirmed that Caldera will be released for everyone on December 3rd, with Vanguard players getting early access from December 2nd. For more Warzone Pacific intel, find all of the points of interest that will be appearing on the map.

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