Strange Warzone Glitch Transforms Player Into Unkillable Demon

Season 1 of Warzone Pacific is off to a great start with a host of new weapons, the Caldera map, and more. But recent updates introduced by Raven Software have seen a huge increase in the number of bugs and glitches negatively impacting the battle royale.

These bugs range from sending players to the gulag at random or turning them into planes which is hardly ideal. With all of the new glitches appearing, Caldera seems like a completely wild place and it’s only getting worse, much to the annoyance of the community. The latest visual bug to be discovered is transforming players into unkillable demon blocks, adding a further layer of rage-inducing gameplay.

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Warzone Pacific Demon Glitch

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Reddit user TezzyTezz posted their experience on Reddit, showcasing the glitch. As they were checking the surrounding environment for any nearby threats, a huge block full of spikes started to open fire.

Other users were quick to mention that the issue is a new “demon bug” which stretches the textures of players all over the place. There is no consistent way to replicate the bug and it might happen to you as well, which may give you an advantage in some scenarios.

When Will The Demon Glitch Be Fixed?

Warzone is not a horror game but anyone who sees this bug in person would be spooked. Considering how frequently the bug occurs, Raven Software is most likely working on a fix. The bug has shown up on multiple occasions in the past and it was previously restricted to weapons only. With the bug showing up repeatedly, the developer needs to act quickly before the issue gets out of hand.

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