Warzone Buy Stations Keep Freezing Despite Fixes

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The Pacific era of Warzone continues to feature various bugs and glitches that negatively impact players regularly dropping into the battle royale.

As Raven Software teases changes to Caldera, issues that the developer had previously addressed have reappeared, much to the annoyance of the community.

Freezing Buy Stations often hindered players attempting to get their hands on Killstreaks and the coveted Loadout Drop and after a fix addressing the issue went live, some are still coming to an abrupt halt when accessing the menus.

Warzone Pacific Buy Station Freeze
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Warzone Buy Station Freeze Glitch

To prevent players from freezing at Buy Stations, the January 26 patch notes revealed a fix arrived in Warzone but as the start of Season 2 nears, the problem has resurfaced. To draw attention to its return, Reddit user 'NotRwoody' posted a video of them unable to play for at least "ten seconds" before the game returned to normal.

Despite a fix in place, several players were quick to reveal that they were still encountering the issue, leaving them unable to contest any gunfight. "I still freeze just as often as before the 'fix'," added another user.

Will Buy Stations Get Fixed?

Many would've thought freezing Buy Stations are a thing of the past but it appears they're continuing to cause significant issues for players. Raven Software has had extra time to fix Warzone, so players are hoping for a surefire fix to arrive on February 14 alongside the launch of Season 2.

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