Warzone Pacific Buy Station: How To Stop Freezing

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Since arriving on Caldera, Warzone has been riddled with a variety of bugs and glitches negatively impacting Call of Duty's battle royale experience for millions of players that continue to drop into the action.

In Season 1 Reloaded alone, the guns of players have turned invisible and those that manage to win their Gulag end up on the end-game menu rather than back in the action, much to the annoyance of the passionate and often-vocal community.

One particular glitch that remains in the game involves players freezing when accessing the Buy Stations. The temporary halt to the action is enough time for an opponent to score a kill and carry on with their game before the frozen player regains the ability to move. Thankfully, there is a temporary workaround to prevent it from happening. Here's how to stop freezing at a Warzone Buy Station.

Warzone Buy Station Freeze Glitch
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Warzone Buy Station Freeze Glitch

Freezing at Buy Stations grabbed the attention of those playing Warzone on consoles as they attempted to purchase Killstreaks and Loadout Drops. Its latest appearance has proven to be a massive hinderance on those that encounter the issue despite Raven Software implementing a range of patches.

While others are still waiting for a surefire fix to arrive, others have managed to find a temporary, yet ingenious, workaround for the glitch that has caused huge frustration since the end of 2021. Warzone content creator ProReborn unveiled the fix on Twitter, giving players a short-term fix that seems to sort the problem.

Simply put, avoid sliding before opening the Buy Station menus to stop Warzone from freezing. One player tested the fix and was quick to confirm that it "sometimes" fixes the problem. Reducing the chances of the game freezing is far from ideal but it's better than it freezing constantly. Considering how easy it is to sprint or walk towards the Buy Stations, this simple workaround is one that players should attempt to avoid the sudden pause to the action.

When Will The Buy Station Glitch Get Fixed?

Players will be glad to hear that the freezing glitch won't be around for much longer. Raven Software has added the issue to its Trello board, meaning that a fix is in the works. With Season 2 a few weeks away, there's a chance of a fix arriving in early February which will be music to the ears of console players that keep freezing across Caldera.

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