Warzone Bunker Locations Season 5 Reloaded: All Codes And How To Open

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Season 5 Reloaded of Warzone is coming to an end and while the community begins to focus on the launch of Season 6, the mysterious bunkers are still prominent features in Verdansk despite them being locked for the vast majority of the Black Ops Cold War era. For those that want to get their hands on some high-tier loot and exclusive blueprints, the bunkers are one of the best places to visit.

Even though it's unclear as to when they will be reopening, many players are still wondering where they can find a bunker. To prepare for the doors opening again, find every single bunker location and the codes that were previously needed to open them.


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Warzone Season 5 Bunker Locations

Warzone Verdansk 84 Bunker Locations

There are a total of 13 bunkers to find in Verdansk '84 and since the destruction of the first Verdansk map, they've been locked despite Raven Software stating that they've only been "initially sealed." Here are the locations of every single bunker:

  • Bunker 0 - South of Promenade West by the coast.
  • Bunkers 1,2, and 3 - On the hill west of Boneyard.
  • Bunker 4 - Near the shacks southeast of Summit.
  • Bunker 5 - Between the lake and Military Base.
  • Bunker 6 - East of Salt Mine.
  • Bunkers 7 and 8 - Above the bridge northeast of Lumber.
  • Bunker 9 - Near the Prison entrance bridge.
  • Bunker 10 - South of Park.
  • Bunker 11 - North of Military Base
  • Secret Bunker - Underneath warehouse in Factory.

Warzone Season 5 Bunker Codes

Even though the bunkers cannot be opened, there is a chance of them coming back online, meaning a code will be required to open the doors. Here's a full list of known Warzone bunker codes:

  • Boneyard Codes - 87624851 & 97264138
  • Prison Code - 72948531
  • TV Station Code - 27495810
  • Park Code - 60274513

Will The Warzone Bunkers Reopen?

Considering that the bunkers have remained shut for the duration of the Black Ops Cold War era, it's surprising that they've not been reopened. Depending on how the game will transport players from Verdansk to the Pacific when the new map releases, there is a chance that they could be used in some capacity but as we edge closer to Vanguard's integration, it's not looking like the bunkers will be opening anytime soon. If anything does change, we will be sure to update this article with all of the latest information and bunker codes.