Warzone Bug Turns Dirt Bike And C4 Combination Into A Missile

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With Season5 Reloaded of Warzone in full swing, players have managed to uncover an innovative tactic that allows them to turn their dirt bike into a missile. More often than not, the motorcycles are used as an agile mode of transport to navigate Verdansk with ease but thanks to this bug, the bikes can be used to a more lethal effect.

Recently, the Sentry Gun Glitch was also found by the players of the community which randomly teleports players around the map. Reddit user 'MrUsername76' posted a clip showing this new strategy in Warzone.


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Warzone Motorcycle Missile Bug

Warzone Dirt Bike Flying In Mid-Air

Due to a lack of cover, the motorcycle isn't one of the most popular modes of transport for Warzone players despite its impressive agility and high speeds. In order to make more of an impact, the player placed a piece of C4 on the front of the bike and used it as a battering ram against an opponent in an SUV.


As they collide, the players in the SUV are decimated by the explosion while the bike and its passengers ride away without a scratch. It's clear that this is an unintentional exploit, but it certainly looks like a lot of fun when it comes to destroying vehicles during a match!

When Will The Warzone Motorcycle C4 Bug Be Fixed?

Considering the nature of this exploit, it's likely that Raven Software is aware of the issue and is working on a fix to release as soon as possible. If more players continue to take advantage of the glitch, a fix could arrive alongside the weekly playlist updates that go live every Thursday.