Bren LMG Nerfed in Warzone March 2 Update

Throughout the history of Warzone, certain weapons have dominated the metagame before developers intervene to restore some kind of balance. Since the battle royale arrived on the Pacific island of Caldera, the Bren light machine gun from Vanguard has excelled in mid-range combat.

After revealing it had accidentally buffed the PPSH, Raven Software also added an incorrect damage profile to the LMG, reverting a previous nerf from the Season 2 launch update.

After teasing a possible change, the developer has followed through with its promise as part of the March 2 update.

Warzone Bren Nerf
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Warzone Bren Nerf

In amongst the wealth of bug fixes included in the March 2 update, Raven Software confirmed a fix for the overpowered LMG. The developer "fixed an issue causing the Light Machine Gun Charlie (VG) Queen's 7-5mm Royal Barrel to bypass its intended Damage Falloff," drastically improving damage range.

In addition to the Bren nerf, the XM4 assault rifle from Black Ops Cold War also saw a change, with its neck damage multiplier falling from 1.5 to 1.33.

Best Alternatives To The Bren

For those that often rely on the Bren to succeed in Warzone, there are a number of viable alternatives to replace the LMG with. Ranging from the STG44 assault rifle to the Owen Gun SMG, there's going to be plenty of variety when it comes to finding the next best mid-range gun.

Depending on the impact of the Bren nerf, it could remain amongst the meta but we will have to wait to see if players find a weapon to eclipse its performance.

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