Bizarre Warzone Bug Transforms Door Into Killing Machine

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Season 4 of Warzone is in full swing and as players continue to discover all the changes that have been made to the battle royale, some have uncovered a bizarre glitch involving one of the many doors that can be found across Verdansk. Thankfully, the bug has nothing to do with the Red Doors, which have appeared around the map as Warzone's new fast-travel system.

The door in question looks like any other door that players use to barge their way in and out of when navigating their way through the several buildings that are scattered across the entire Warzone map.


Despite the wooden plank keeping the door shut, the bug acts as a further deterrent, much to the bemusement of the community. Here's everything you need to know about the bug, including the location of the killer door!

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Warzone's Killer Door

Warzone Killer Door Bug Glitch Exploit Season 4

Reddit user 'Rxelik_' discovered the bizarre issue when looting one of the large buildings located south of the Salt Mines. They got much more than they bargained for when getting their hands on some weaponry.

After being revived by their squadmate, the player then runs into the door, before being repelled by a deadly invisible barrier that downs them in an instant. Perhaps there's something behind the door that Raven Software doesn't want to share just yet?

Rather than the developer attempting to protect what could be behind the door, it's highly likely that the killer door is an unintentional exploit that players have ran into. Exploits are nothing new in Warzone and have already appeared in Season 4 with the notorious invisibility glitch re-appearing due to the addition of Armored Trucks.


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When Will It Be Fixed?

Although there has been plenty of frustration expressed from players surrounding the issue, Raven Software has yet to acknowledge the deadly door currently causing havoc in Warzone.

Considering the severity of the issue, it's likely that the Warzone dev will be implementing a fix in the coming days, much to the delight of players that have already fallen foul of this somewhat infuriating bug.


While you may not be able to overcome the deadly door, you can overcome the opposition with our C58 assault rifle and MG 82 light machine gun weapon guides.