Best Oden Warzone Blueprints

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Season 2 of Call of Duty’s incredibly popular battle royale, Warzone, is in full swing.

The Oden is a fully automatic bullpup assault rifle that maintains a slow cycle rate to help control hard-hitting 12.7 x 55mm ammunition.


There are some amazing loadouts you can craft with the Oden, but there are also some stellar blueprints you may already have access too. 

Here are some of the best ones in Warzone. 



Below are some of the best blueprints that you may already have within your locker, or that can be purchased via the in-game store. 



The Liar

This blueprint is one of the funniest in our opinion. This is simply due to the massive Sniper Scope that comes equipped on the weapon.


While this may seem like a disadvantage to some of you, this scope allows for precision aim at long range; where the Oden shines above other rifles. 




Taking the name from a well known Christmas character, this Oden blueprint contrasts the above one as it is best for mid-range battles.

The Krampus loadout also has one of the best weapon skins we have seen from the Oden blueprint list, and we recommend checking it out if you have not already. 


Dream Killer


Last but not least we are going to feature the anime iteration of the Oden blueprint.

The Dream Killer is a variant of the Oden that is also sufficient in close-range and mid-range encounters, and will easily take down enemies in front of you!