The Best FFAR 1 Warzone Blueprints

The FFAR 1 assault rifle was one of the several new additions to the Warzone arsenal when the entire Black Ops Cold War arsenal was integrated into the battle royale.

Since it made its debut, the rifle quickly gained popularity on multiplayer alongside becoming one of the very best weapons to use in Warzone.

In Season 2, there are several blueprints available for the FFAR 1 which can be unlocked by completing a range of challenges or by heading into the in-game store and buying a bundle.

With so many to choose from, what are the best blueprints?

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Best FFAR 1 Warzone Blueprints


Warzone FFAR 1 Blueprint
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This Legendary blueprint features a set of attachments perfect for Warzone.

Armed with a suppressor to conceal your location along with a grip, dropshot wrap, and marathon stock that all improve speed, accuracy, and mobility make it an ideal blueprint to jump straight into the action with.

The more traditional camouflage makes a welcome change to some of the brighter offerings on other FFAR 1 blueprints. The darker colours will make it harder for an opponent to see you in dimly lit areas of the map.

To acquire this blueprint, buy the Gator Done bundle from the store.

Ground Patrol

Warzone Best FFAR 1 Blueprint
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The Ground Patrol FFAR 1 blueprint currently features as part of the Season 2 pool of loot that can be found on the ground.

Equipped with a foregrip, speed tape, and steady aim laser, this iteration of the rifle is a sure-fire way of racking up several kills as you work your way to earning enough money to buy a Loadout Drop.

If you want to equip some additional attachments to the blueprint, it’s available to all Warzone players for free!

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Side Scroller

Warzone Best FFAR 1 Blueprints
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This Ultra blueprint comes with a set of five attachments and an incredible camouflage that changes when you score kills.

The attachment combination may not be the best for Warzone, but with the additions of a suppressor and a different muzzle to manage the recoil, we think that this is the best-looking FFAR 1 blueprint available.

To acquire the blueprint, purchase the Dead Ops Arcade Reactive bundle available in the store.

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