Warzone Player Discovers The Best Caldera Camping Spot

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Rather than jumping head-first into the action, some Warzone players prefer to hold back to camp specific areas of Caldera. As Season 2 of the battle royale reaches the halfway point, the community is still finding ingenious ways to outplay the opposition.

The green foliage of the Pacific island lends itself to players hiding to avoid a trip to the Gulag but others have discovered another crafty spot to gain the upper hand.

This particular spot takes Warzone camping up a level, with one utilising a cable car for their own benefit.

Warzone Caldera Gondola Camping Spot
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Warzone Cable Car Camping Spot

Reddit user 'BigStuggz' showcased the ingenious camping spot in action during the final stages of a match. As the remaining players approach the final circle, the player quickly discovers a player hiding within one of the cable cars hanging above the ground.

If you manage to enter the cable car, it's almost impossible to be eliminated. A Cluster Strike fails to deal with the camper but another player has managed to find the perfect counter.

Rather than attempting to climb aboard the cable car, Reddit user 'Netoxicky' utilises the JOKR lock-on launcher from Modern Warfare to full effect. By Locking onto the ground underneath the car, the missile hits the car with ease, eliminating the player inside.

How To Access Caldera Cable Car

Players can jump into the cable car by jumping off the top of the list found on the left side of Peak and into the car. While it could benefit during the late game, entering the cable car in the early stages might not be the best move to make.

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