What Are The Best FR 5.56 Warzone Attachments?

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The FR 5.56 in Warzone may not be a weapon that is used often but it still packs a punch on the streets of Verdansk and Rebirth Island. Several months ago, it was the flavour of the month after a frustrating shotgun glitch saw it become incredibly powerful.

This reincarnation of the popular FAMAS assault rifle from Modern Warfare 2 continues to be overlooked but with Season 5 Reloaded underway, there is every chance that players may give this rifle another chance as part of their loadouts.


Offering a precise three-round burst, the FR takes down enemies easily in two bursts and is a good weapon to choose if you're looking for an alternative to the weapons that feature in the current meta.

Find the best attachments to equip and the very best loadout to build in this guide!

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Best FR 5.56 Warzone Attachments

Often overlooked by other assault rifles that are available, this particular loadout will see you using the FR 5.56 on a much more regular basis.


Here are the best attachments to excel on the streets of Verdansk:

  • Monolithic Suppressor (Muzzle)
  • FR 24.4" Sniper (Barrel)
  • Commando Foregrip (Underbarrel)
  • 50 Round Mags (Ammunition)
  • 4.0x Flip Hybrid (Optic)

This attachment combination dominates in mid and long-range gunfights thanks to the additional damage range provided by the monolithic suppressor and the sniper barrel.

The hybrid optic is the real party piece of this setup. Scope in and pick off enemies using the increased zoom of the scope or quickly react to a nearby threat using the second optic for a less-magnified view of the action.



FR 5.56 Warzone Attachments

If you're looking for an alternate option, why not try the Variable Zoom Scope? It boasts a default 3.0x magnification going up to 6.1x, for even more accuracy at distance. The only drawback is that it will show a glint to enemies like any sniper would.

You should also consider the Stippled Grip Tape, as this will decrease ADS speed and sprint to fire speed. These are fantastic perks to have on a semi-automatic weapon as every shot counts. Unlike full auto weapons, it's about being precise and a three-round burst has very little spread, meaning hip firing won't be as useful. Not to mention that the delay between bursts can be problematic and leave you vulnerable, so you need to make them all count.


So, transitioning from sprinting to ADS is incredibly quick and can save your life!

For our full FR 5.56 loadout guide and breakdown of this loadout, click here.