Warzone To Merge Both Battle Royale Modes

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Throughout the first one and half seasons of Warzone Pacific, players have had the option to play standard battle royale modes alongside Vanguard Royale, a mode focused on Vanguard content.

With Season 2 Reloaded right around the corner, players often share their positive feedback on Vanguard Royale, sometimes suggesting that Raven Software should apply features such as an increase in health to the standard Battle Royale playlists.

Rather than swapping features between modes, Raven Software has decided to merge Vanguard Royale with Battle Royale, creating the ultimate Warzone experience for all.

Vanguard Royale Merging With Warzone Battle Royale
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Vanguard Royale Merging

In a call with content creators and press on March 21, Raven Software explained the logic behind the decision. It says that it "doesn't want two different communities playing two different battle royales," suggesting it wanted to avoid any kind of split within the player base.

The developer also claims that Vanguard Royale was "an experimental mode," providing staff with an environment to test various features before adding them to the standard Battle Royale playlists.

Will Vanguard Royale Return?

Considering Raven Software doesn't want any kind of split within the Warzone community, there's little chance of Vanguard Royale returning anytime soon. For fans of the mode, there are plenty of its features arriving into standard Battle Royale meaning the game won't feel too different even with the inclusion of weapons from Black Ops Cold War and Modern Warfare.

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