Warzone Battle Pass XP Fixed in April 20 Update

Throughout Season 2, Warzone players have experienced numerous issues involving Battle Pass progression. Many claim progression was far too slow, resulting in players having to play for several hours in order to reach one of the one hundred tiers of content.

With focus switching towards the launch of Season 3 and the start of Operation Monarch, Raven Software is continuing to make adjustments in the final days of the current season.

As part of the April 20 update, the developer finally fixed Battle Pass XP progression, just in time for players to move through the final few tiers ahead of a brand-new season.

Warzone Battle Pass XP Fix

With players unable to earn the right amount of Battle Pass XP by playing Warzone, Raven Software is offering players an opportunity to earn some extra XP as compensation. Rather than the developer applying a fixed amount to all players, they'll receive two one-hour Double Battle Pass XP tokens.

To earn the tokens, log into Warzone before April 27 but if they don't appear immediately, be prepared to wait a few days as they roll out across all platforms.

Many players are hoping the Season 3 update doesn't cause more game-breaking issues that impact the battle royale. On more than one occasion, the launch of a brand-new season has caused a wealth of new bugs and glitches to appear.

You can use the tokens to complete the remainder of the Season 2 Battle Pass or save them to earn a headstart when Season 3 launches. Either way, it's great to see Raven Software finally tackling the major issues impacting Warzone players.

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