Aydan Becomes Warzone’s Highest Earner

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Season 2 of Warzone is in full swing and the competitive side of the battle royale continues to grow with the best players in the world competing for thousands in prize money on a regular basis.

As the Zombies continue to take control of the map, a new player has taken the top spot in the earnings charts.


Former professional Fortnite player Aydan “Aydan” Conrad managed to overtake Jordan “HusKerrs” Thomas after winning the $12K Mina Mendes 2v2 tournament on March 15th.

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Judging by his reaction on Twitter, he seems ecstatic having topped the list.

Aydan Warzone Highest Earner

How Much Money Has Aydan Won In Warzone?

After winning the Mina Mendes 2v2, Aydan has wone an incredible amount of money since transitioning from Fortnite to Warzone.

Aydan Warzone Earnings 2021

Aydan is widely considered the very best Warzone player in the world


As of writing (March 16th) Aydan has won a total of $142,455.27, $2000 more than HusKerrs who currently sits as the second-highest Warzone earner.

With his regular duos partner Rhys “Rated” Price selected as a team captain for the upcoming Jack Link’s Warzone Season 2 Invitational tournament, there’s a high chance that Aydan could finish in the money once again.

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Since his switch from competitive Fortnite, Aydan becoming the highest-earning Warzone player has shown that he is a master of battle royale titles.


Known for his incredibly fast style of play and ruthless slaying ability, it’s no surprise to see Aydan topping the earnings charts.

With plenty of upcoming tournaments, and with the competition closer than ever before, will Aydan be able to hold onto the top spot? We will have to wait and see!