Warzone Glitch Suppresses Audio After Scoring Kills

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When it comes to getting the upper hand over the opposition in Season 1 of Warzone Pacific, players often rely on audio cues in order to predict where another player is coming from which can often make the difference in a heavily populated area of Caldera. Since Warzone moved to the Pacific island, a number of issues ranging from invisible Operator Skins to players randomly entering the Gulag have plagued the battle royale, much to the annoyance of players.

The latest glitch to be uncovered involves players being unable to hear what's happening around them after they've scored a kill, putting players at a huge disadvantage over the course of a match.

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Warzone Muffled Audio Glitch

Warzone Muffled Audio Glitch
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The glitch was highlighted by Reddit user 'Putridzzz' in a post that quickly gained plenty of attention from other members of the Warzone community. With muffled audio, the player's headset was rendered useless as they were left unable to hear most of the nearby action.

After unplugging their headset, the user revealed that the problem persisted, particularly in solos and duos with others reporting a similar issue. It's unclear as to why scoring a kill influences the audio of the game but it's safe to say that many are not happy as Raven Software returns to work following the festive period.

When Will The Warzone Muffled Audio Glitch Get Fixed?

Considering the severity of the issue, players are hoping that the developer is working on some kind of fix. Raven's Trello board does mention numerous audio issues that it's aware of, meaning there's a high chance of a fix being rolled out in an upcoming update in the not too distant future. In the meantime, using a stun or flash grenade on yourself may provide a temporary fix.

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