Atlanta FaZe $100K Gold Rush Warzone Tournament: Everything You Need To Know

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The Atlanta FaZe CDL franchise alongside Warzone publisher Activision have joined forces to host one of the largest Warzone tournaments that has ever been hosted.

Known as the $100K Gold Rush, the tournament was meant to take place on April 22nd, coinciding with the launch of Season 3. Due to issues with the Warzone servers, the tournament was postponed to a later date.

The tournament has been moved to May 5th, meaning some of the best Warzone players in the world will be dropping into Verdansk '84 for one of the biggest prize pools ever seen in the battle royale's competitive scene.

Find absolutely everything you need to know about the Atlanta FaZe Gold Rush in our dedicated hub!

Final Results

Check out which duo managed to walk away with the gold below!

  • 1st - JoeWo & Stukawaki - Gold Bars worth $57K+
  • 2nd - HusKerrs & newbz
  • 3rd - DiazBiffle & SuperEvan
  • 4th - Swagg & Booya
  • 5th - MuTeX & Blazt
  • 6th - TeePee & UnRational
  • 7th - Aydan & Rated
  • 8th - Tommey & Almond

How To Watch The Atlanta FaZe $100K Gold Rush

A rerun of the action can be found on FaZe Clan's Twitch channel alongside the official Call of Duty channel. Both will provide an overview of all the action taking place.

Check out the FaZe stream below once the action gets underway.

It's more than likely that participants will be showcasing their perspectives on their channels so be sure to check them out to support your favourites!


The tournament will be a timed Kill Race, meaning teams will have a specific amount of time to play as many games as possible. The five best games will be submitted to determine the score.

Players earn one point for every elimination and an additional bonus for their placements.


Not all of the players competing in the Gold Rush have been confirmed but the majority of big names have already been revealed.

Find a list of some of the players taking part below:

  • Dr Disrespect
  • Swagg
  • SypherPK
  • Huskerrs
  • Aydan
  • Blaze
  • mrdaft_
  • Pamaj
  • Dirty
  • Nio
  • Booya
  • Tommey
  • TeePee
  • MuteX
  • JoeWo
  • BobbyPoff
  • ZLaner
  • DiazBiffle
  • Kaysan
  • Royalize

Prize Pool

The gold rush will feature a prize pool of at least $100,000, with the participating duos competing for gold bars in an unique twist to other Warzone tournaments.

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