AMAX, FARA 83, And Bullfrog Receiving Nerfs In Next Warzone Update

Just as it looks like Warzone players have managed to determine the Season 3 metagame, developer Raven Software has provided a sneak peek into some of the changes expected to arrive in the next update for the incredibly popular battle royale.

The new season has proved popular amongst the millions of players, with a brand-new iteration of Verdansk arriving, new Operators to unlock, and new weapons being added to the ever-expanding arsenal.

Players were quick to determine that the Bullfrog submachine gun, FARA 83, and CR-56 AMAX assault rifles stood out from the rest of the weapons on offer thanks to their incredible in-game performance.

In order to maintain some kind of balance, Raven Software has already confirmed that changes to the aforementioned weapons will be coming in the next update.

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Weapon Balancing In Next Warzone Update

AMAX Nerf Warzone Season 3
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Within the patch notes for Warzone's April 28th update, Raven Software confirms that "balance adjustments" to the three weapons will be arriving to the battle royale in the not too distant future. Certainly annoying for those trying to rank up the AMAX, FARA, and Bullfrog!

Although some players may find the changes annoying and somewhat unnecessary, it is good to see Raven Software addressing potential issues early in order to avoid issues with overpowered weaponry dominating the metagame.

In previous seasons, the DMR-14 tactical rifle was the go-to rifle before the AUG Tactical Rifle took its place throughout the majority of Season 2 before it was hit with a hefty nerf.

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What Will Be The Next Meta Weapons?

With three of the most popular weapons in line for some tuning, there are a range of weapons that could prove popular.

The Kilo 141 assault rifle has been one of the most-balanced rifles to use in Warzone and is rarely impacted by any weapon tuning, making it a potentially viable option in the coming weeks.

Alongside the Kilo, the LC10 SMG is proving extremely popular in close-quarters action thanks to its solid rate of fire and its capabilities of dealing damage at longer distances.

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