Warzone Players Are Glitching Underneath Airport Again

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Season 5 of Warzone has had its fair share of game-breaking exploits and glitches. Thankfully, Raven Software has often been quick to fix these issues to prevent them from becoming widespread issues. With Season 6 on the horizon, a notorious glitch that enables players to get underneath the map has returned, much to the annoyance of the community.

Unlike the previous glitch that allowed players to merge into walls at the Verdansk Airport, this one is much worse and gives players the ability to roam under the map and eliminate other players that are completely unaware of their location. Here's everything we know about this infuriating issue.


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Warzone Airport Glitch

Warzone Verdansk Airport Point Of Interest

Just as it looked like that this problem had disappeared from Warzone altogether, Reddit user 'MarkC_belfast' encountered a player that managed to eliminate them while underneath the map with no way of managing to determine their location.


As the clip clearly shows, the player has managed to get underneath one of the main Airport buildings and can easily send anyone to the Gulag without any form of competition. Initially, some thought that it was a hacker but upon further inspection, the player is over Level 500 and has racked up plenty of victories so it's highly likely that they're just using the glitch to their advantage.

Will It Be Fixed?

With the list of glitches and bugs beginning to mount, Raven Software will have its work cut out to make Warzone a bug-free experience for Season 6. Considering that this is a significant problem that could impact every single player, it's likely that this particular issue will be addressed. Hopefully, it won't take too long to fix!

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