Activision Bans 90K Warzone Accounts in Latest Ban Wave

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Activision's battle against cheaters in Warzone continues to roll on. Despite the arrival of Ricochet anti-cheat, players claim the number of players using hacks to gain an unfair advantage is on the rise.

With Season 2 Reloaded on the horizon, the publisher has decided to take further action in a bid to prevent the issue from reaching levels that will become problematic. Members of the community say they encounter some kind of wallhack or aimbot in every other match, much to their annoyance.

In its latest cheating crackdown, Activision has announced it's banned 90K accounts in its latest wave of bans.

Warzone March 19 Ban Wave
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Warzone March 19 Ban Wave

The Warzone publisher shared the news on Twitter, much to the delight of the community that's growing tired of cheaters ruining matches. It's not just casual players being affected by cheaters. In a recent competitive tournament, numerous pro players accused a competitor of using cheats.

On one hand, players welcomed another dose of bans while others were quick to share recent clips of hackers slipping through the net. One player said Ricochet "must of missed this guy" who locked onto a target with no knowledge of them being nearby.

Will Warzone Get Rid of Hackers?

Even with a dedicated anti-cheat, it's tricky to eradicate all forms of cheating from Warzone. As the team involved with Ricochet continue to adapt to combat more advanced hacks, the number of cheaters will drop but like most things, it will take time.

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