TimTheTatman and NICKMERCS Outline What Warzone 2 Needs To Be Successful

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Despite minimal details surrounding Warzone 2, a sequel to the current iteration of Warzone, there's already plenty of hype surrounding the next era of Call of Duty's battle royale experience.

Activision has confirmed that an all-new experience with a new engine is in development while leaks and rumours are pointing towards the new map being set in the desert.

With more information on the next chapter of Warzone expected in the coming months, NICKMERCS and TimTheTatman have shared their thoughts on how Infinity Ward can make Warzone 2 a resounding success.

Warzone 2 Success
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Will Warzone 2 Be Successful?

Before Nick returned to Warzone for the first time in months, the streamer, Tim, and Cloakzy discussed what the all-new experience needs to do in order to become a success. All three feel the battle royale should fully embrace the return of Modern Warfare 2 and include several iconic locations from the 2009 title.

"We're going to be playing Warzone, and we're going to be landing Highrise and ending in Favela," suggested Cloakzy. "They make these great Call of Duty maps and then they just die," added Nick before saying the maps should be "in Warzone."

Contrary to rumours of a desert setting for the Warzone 2 map, other leaks suggest classic maps such as Highrise and Favela will act as points of interest in Warzone 2's new arena.

When Does Warzone 2 Come Out?

With rumours of COD 2023 delayed until 2024, there's a chance Warzone 2 launches in March of 2023 to fill the gap left by the lack of annual release. Other indicators suggest Warzone 2 will launch alongside Modern Warfare in 2022. Only time will tell when we get to drop into a fresh version of Warzone!

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