Modern Warfare 2 Trailer Teases Warzone 2 Map

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Image showing Ghost aiming down sights
Credit: Activision

While the Call of Duty community focuses on the reveal of Modern Warfare 2, plenty are still dropping into Warzone for a fix of battle royale action.

Contrary to leaks pointing toward a 2023 release, Warzone 2 will launch in 2022 much to the excitement of fans. The new iteration of the battle royale will see major changes and new additions.


The first trailer showcases a short clip of the single-player campaign and while it doesn't reveal any information on what Warzone 2 has in store, eagle-eyed fans have spotted the first look at an overview of the map.

Warzone 2 Map Overview

In the first look at Infinity Ward's latest project, the developer manages to sneak an overhead view of a large city complete with bodies of water running through it.

The overhead view doesn't provide players with a detailed look at the new map but it does showcase a familiar sight from 2009's Modern Warfare 2. On top of a skyscraper, players can see the layout of the Highrise map.

Image showing Highrise map from Modern Warfare 2
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Credit: ModernWarzone

Previous leaks from notable insider Tom Henderson claim at least four classic Modern Warfare 2 maps will feature within the Warzone 2 map. In addition to Highrise, players can expect Favela, Terminal, and Quarry to appear within various points of interest (POI).

The brief glimpse of the Warzone 2 map doesn't reveal much more about the next chapter of the immensely successful battle royale but with the game set to launch later in the year, it won't be long before Infinity Ward begins sharing more intel.

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