Warzone 2 Will Contain ”Groundbreaking Innovations”

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Despite the imminent arrival of Godzilla, some players are already turning their attention to the next chapter of Warzone.

Currently in development, Warzone 2 is said to contain a brand-new map in addition to a complete overhaul in a bid to prevent bugs and glitches from appearing. Although Season 3 of the Pacific era is on the horizon, many are beginning to wonder what Infinity Ward has in store.

Within Activision's first-quarter financial results, the publisher says Warzone 2 will contain "groundbreaking innovations" much to the excitement of players looking forward to the return of a modern setting.

"Groundbreaking Innovations" in Warzone 2

Details of the groundbreaking innovations weren't published but it hasn't stopped the community from speculating how Infinity Ward will innovate on the current iteration of Warzone. Notable Call of Duty leaker "TheGhostOfHope" shares their thoughts on what changes could appear in the next instalment of the battle royale.

With numerous possibilities, the leaker and many others point towards elements of destruction arriving alongside a brand-new map in addition to a day-to-night cycle which will guarantee changes to how players navigate their way to the final circle.

The financial results also confirm the innovations will begin to appear "later this year" alongside information on Modern Warfare 2, the next annual release in the Call of Duty franchise.

When Is Warzone 2 Coming Out?

Although Activision plans on revealing further details on Warzone 2 in 2022, it's unlikely the reworked battle royale will make an appearance in the next eight months. Current rumours suggest the game will appear in March 2023 close to Warzone's third anniversary.

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