Warzone Players Transform Final Circle Into Street Fighter Showdown

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Season 5 Reloaded of Warzone is fast approaching and even though the hugely popular battle royale has been out for over a year, players are continuing to find innovative methods to earn a ride on the victory helicopter. More often than not, the final few players are fully equipped with a Krig 6 assault rifle or a Swiss K31 sniper prepared for battle but on this occasion, the last two players channeled the energy from a Street Fighter duel to determine the winner.

Despite Warzone's lack of official Street Fighter content, Reddit user 'LordTexugo' took matters into their own hands during a hotly-contested solo match.


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Warzone Street Fighter Battle

Warzone Player Sitting On Rooftop With Sniper Rifle

As the gas begins to close in, the player begins the hunt for the remaining opponents equipped with the unorthodox combination of the Riot Shield and Kar98k Marksman Rifle. After managing to find the enemy equipped with just a pistol LordTexugo decides to do the good deed, dropping the Kar98k and a couple of armour plates so they stand a fighting chance in the showdown. After delivering a devastating Finishing Move, the final player appears and seemingly lays down the challenge of a fistfight to decide the winner of the game.


With the stage now set and with Guile's music from Street Fighter 2 blaring away, the battle commences with LordTexugo's challenger managing to take the opening round. The battle wasn't over just yet thanks to a Self Revive but as the player slid back into the action, the opponent landed some clinical punches to score the knockout victory and one of the most unusual Warzone wins ever seen.