Vanguard Zombies Season 1: All Content Arriving in the Update

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e Although a lot of focus surrounding the launch of Season 1 is on Warzone Pacific, the upcoming season of post-launch content is expected to feature significant additions to Vanguard Zombies, much to the delight of the community that's been left disappointed by Der Anfang. With a lack of Easter Egg quest and round-based maps, many have been frustrated with the latest chapter of the Dark Aether.

With a huge drop of content on the horizon including the additions of new guns and Operators, Zombies players will be hoping that Treyarch will be bringing plenty of improvements to Der Anfang. With that said, here's all of the content set to arrive in Vanguard Zombies in Season 1.

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Vanguard Zombies Scorestreaks

Notable Call of Duty leaker TheGamingRevolution uploaded a video detailing some of the content that's likely to make an appearance. One of the features involves Scorestreaks being added to Crafting Benches, allowing players to spend their hard-earned salvage on some game-changing items.

Vanguard Zombies Season 1 Covenants & Objectives

Along with Scorestreaks, more Covenants are also expected to be added, giving even more in-game benefits to those that successfully complete an objective. Objectives named "Assault" and "Domination" will be included in the Season 1 update, giving more options for players to earn the Covenants.

Vanguard Zombies Season 1 Game Modes

Since release, the only Zombies game mode that's been available is Der Anfang. As the festive season gets underway, the Jingle Hells mode from Cold War Zombies is set to return alongside Cranked. They may not be round-based, but it's nice to have some kind of variety.

Will There Be An Easter Egg?

It's unlikely that a main Easter Egg quest will arrive in Season 1, but Treyarch has said that the "foundations for the main quest" will be laid for the quest that's expected to arrive after Season 1. A lack of Easter Egg has been a hot topic of discussion within the community, with many players expressing their frustrations.

That's everything we know about the content for Season 1 of Vanguard Zombies. For more intel, check out our dedicated hub for all of the latest news and information.

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