xQc Is Concerned About Call of Duty: Vanguard Returning To World War 2

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Felix' xQc' Lengyel was concerned after watching the Call of Duty: Vanguard trailer. The main issue he had was when the game was set, World War 2 (WW2). In general, games based on WW2 aren't very popular anymore.

According to xQc, putting Vanguard in that era would be a mistake. There are several reasons why the game is unlikely to sell well, including gameplay and features. Furthermore, he said that, in general, WW2 is a pretty poor era for the game to take place in.


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Vanguard Reveal has xQc concerned

According to xQc, Vanguard and WW2 era games have been done too often by Activision. There isn't much else they can do here besides maps. xQc makes good points; we have two clips found by Dexerto.

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To quote xQc:

"The problem with [the] war in this scenario is that we've run out of them. There hasn't been enough--well there's been enough."

We've had way too many scenarios about WW2, according to xQc. We can only talk about a limited number of battles, and many players understand the gist of the setting. The Call of Duty series should have done a WW1 theme like Battlefield.

This is not to say there can't be more WW2 games, just that something like Vanguard has become overdone. Other genres and companies can probably create an awesome WW2-type game since it won't be just another shooter. The era has been done to death by Activision. Many streamers and players have become tired of the same old scene.


xQc continued explaining why people will still buy Call of Duty in this video.

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The multiplayer gameplay in Call Of Duty is what sells the series rather than the storyline. The fact that there are more than a dozen maps ready with the release shows that they understand this as well.