Vanguard Writers Drop Hints For Multiple Sequels for the Game

With only a few weeks until Call of Duty: Vanguard's launch, Sledgehammer Games and Activision are starting to reveal more details about the next installment in the first-person shooter franchise. Despite the annual release of new titles, the community looks forward to new multiplayer and campaign modes releasing in a brand-new setting.

A new teaser for the Campaign indicated a close partnership with PlayStation, and recent statements from Vanguard's writers even hinted at the prospect of several sequels releasing in the next few years. As the launch of the game nears, this trail of breadcrumbs left by the writers has left the community pondering over what could be an exciting time for the Vanguard universe.

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Call Of Duty Vanguard Sequels

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The New York Comic-Con, which began on October 7, saw the Vanguard writers and developers come together for a panel discussing the story for the upcoming game. Sam Maggs, one of the developers for Sledgehammer Games, shared some interesting insights and the team’s vision for the future.

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While talking about the Vanguard characters, they described them as “iconic CoD characters,” and wanted to include some new flagship characters in the upcoming title. “Because we want to make Vanguard 2 and Vanguard 3 because we have two more stories that we really want to tell with these characters," Maggs added

With the writers clearly developing a backstory for the main protagonists, could the likes of Kingsley and Petrova become the next legendary Call of Duty characters alongside Soap, Ghost, and Captain Price? It will be interesting to see whether Sledgehammer Games gets the green light for a Vanguard sequel but with many players unhappy about a World War 2 setting, perhaps we see Task Force One head to Vietnam in the future.

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