How To Unlock The Rat-A-Tat Blueprint In COD Vanguard And Warzone

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With the release of Call of Duty: Vanguard fast approaching, Sledgehammer Games is already giving the community opportunities to unlock some exclusive cosmetic items ahead of the game's launch on November 5th. The first reward to unlock is the Rat-A-Tat assault rifle blueprint that will be accessible as soon as the game is released.

Alongside being available to use in Vanguard's multiplayer, the blueprint will also appear in Warzone which is good news for those looking to add another variant to their collection. But how exactly do you get your hands on this early reward? Here's how to unlock the Rat-A-Tat blueprint for use in Vanguard and Warzone!

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How To Unlock Rat-A-Tat Blueprint

Rat-A-Tat Blueprint Call of Duty: Vanguard
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As the image above shows, the process of unlocking the Rat-A-Tat blueprint is incredibly straightforward. To unlock it, simply reach Level 20 during Vanguard's beta and the blueprint will be waiting for you when Vanguard launches and in Warzone. Reaching Level 20 has to be done before the beta comes to an end on September 20th.

How To Download The COD Vanguard Beta


Once the beta ends, there's every chance that the Rat-A-Tat blueprint will not be available so if you want to get your hands on it, here's how to get access to the Vanguard beta:

  • Download and install the Vanguard beta on the platform of your choice.
  • Sign into your Activision account.
  • Jump straight into the action!

The second beta weekend begins on September 16th for PlayStation users and opens up to Xbox and PC players on September 18th and will run until September 20th. Once Level 20 has been reached, the Rat-A-Tat blueprint will be waiting for you when the full version of Vanguard launches!

That's how to unlock the Rat-A-Tat blueprint in Vanguard and Warzone. For more Vanguard intel, check out our dedicated hub to find everything you need to know about the game.

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