How To Watch The Call of Duty: Vanguard Multiplayer Reveal

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Call of Duty: Vanguard's release is just a few months away and while players have already seen the single-player campaign in action, the focus for many members of the community is the multiplayer portion of the game. So far, it's been revealed that a total of 20 maps will be available when the game launches, and a brand-new game mode known as Patrol is set to arrive.

Other than that, intel on what will appear in Vanguard's multiplayer has remained a mystery but more information is expected to be revealed during the worldwide multiplayer reveal taking place on September 7th. Find out how to watch the reveal and what to expect.


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How To Watch Vanguard Multiplayer Reveal

World War 2 Soldiers On A Battlefield

The multiplayer reveal will be shown on the official Call of Duty YouTube channel at 6PM BST / 7PM CEST. So you don't miss a single announcement, we've embedded the stream below.


What To Expect

Like previous worldwide reveals, Sledgehammer Games is likely to focus on the new features and innovations added to multiplayer including destructible areas of the map and some of the weapons available in the arsenal. There is also a chance that the developer may unveil details on a ranked playlist for those looking to get their fix of competitive action.

With Vanguard set to integrate into Warzone, the reveal will be the perfect opportunity to reveal some additional information as to how Vanguard will interact with the battle royale.