Call of Duty: Vanguard Players Request Mini-Map Changes Following Alpha

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Following on from the worldwide reveal and gameplay trailers, the Champion Hill Alpha was the first time a small slice of the community got the chance to play Call of Duty: Vanguard for the very first time. The alpha enabled Sledgehammer Games to receive plenty of feedback on various elements of the game from players jumping into the brand-new game mode for the very first time.

So far, the developer has revealed that numerous changes will be made prior to the full release of the game, which is certainly positive news for those that could see enemy nameplates through walls during Champion Hill matches. Alongside the confirmed changes, many players are requesting changes to how Vanguard's mini-map functions.


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COD Vanguard Mini-Map Changes

World War 2 Soldier Peeking Round Corner To Open Fire On Another Soldier In Background

Prior to the start of the alpha, rumours surrounding how the mini-map would work began to circulate, with many stating that it would work in the same fashion as it did back in 2019's Modern Warfare. The change wasn't particularly popular amongst the community, as players with unsuppressed weapons didn't appear on the map as red dots, a feature that has been present in every single Call of Duty title up until the reboot of Modern Warfare.


As players began loading into the alpha, it was clear to see that the mini-map functioned as it did back on Modern Warfare, much to the annoyance of players who quickly began to direct feedback to Sledgehammer Games.

Will The Vanguard Mini-Map Change?

It's unclear as to whether Sledgehammer Games will make changes to how Vanguard's mini-map works ahead of the beta and the full release on November 5th. It's clear that the developer is listening and already adjusting the game based on community feedback so there is a chance that it reverts the mini-map to its more popular variant.