Sledgehammer Games Unveils Changes Coming To Vanguard On Release

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The Call of Duty: Vanguard beta has finally come to an end, and Sledgehammer Games has already announced that it will be fixing a number of issues that were highlighted during the two early access weekends. The beta was extended for a few more days to allow the developer to gather even more feedback before the game fully releases on November 5th.

Players were given a chance to experience the game's multiplayer and new features before the official release. With plenty of feedback being generated, one of the major problems that were faced by multiple players was the issue of the sun blinding players and disrupting their view of the game. In a blog post published just hours after the beta ended, Sledgehammer Games listed a number of issues that were already fixed or were going to be fixed in time for Vanguard's release.


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Vanguard Beta Changes

Call of Duty: Vanguard Blog Post
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The list started with the glaring issue of Vanguard's sun. Players complained about the over-the-top glare on various maps and how it affected their gameplay. Another one included involved Hotel Royal and Red Star maps. Both the maps will be getting some visual improvements and improved spawns to enhance their overall experience.

Players faced multiple problems with the Attack Dogs Killstreak alongside issues with open mic lobbies that have already been closed in Search & Destroy. A lot of players actually liked this feature which reminded them of the earlier days of CoD where lobbies were often filled with trash talk.


The developer has also announced that improvements to the audio mixing and map visibility will be implemented before players get back into the four theatres of war in November. With less than two months to the final release of Vanguard, we can expect to see many more such announcements detailing new features and changes to the game. It'll be interesting to see what other changes the devs bring out to the game and if the fans react well to those.

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