Vanguard Players Angry With Killstreaks Returning

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Even though Call of Duty: Vanguard's release is still a few months away, the return of Killstreaks in place of Scorestreaks has been met with plenty of backlash from the community. Despite Killstreaks proving popular in older instalments of the franchise, the inclusion of Scorestreaks was a welcome addition as it allowed players to earn points towards streaks by playing the objective and scoring assists.

During the Vanguard multiplayerreveal that took place on September 7th, Sledgehammer Games confirmed that the Killstreaks would be replacing Scorestreaks and while many streamers have already expressed plenty of positivity surrounding the game, some players are not happy with the more traditional Streak system returning.


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COD Vanguard Killstreaks

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After the reveal, players quickly took to Reddit to express their thoughts on the new features and gameplay. In a now-deleted post, user 'lulzPIE' showed why many weren't happy with the return of Killstreaks. They claimed that Killstreaks marked "another year ignoring the objective", referring to the lack of rewards from playing the objective.


More comments on the post suggested that a large section of the player base doesn't care about achieving a victory which is why so many often ignore capturing a Domination flag or choose to stray away from the Hardpoint hill. Another user attempted to reach a compromise by suggesting that Scorestreaks should be present in objective-based modes and Killstreaks to be available in modes where the objective isn't the focus.

It's unclear as to whether Sledgehammer Games will listen to feedback surrounding Killstreaks but it's likely that they will be available when the full game releases on November 5th.

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