Call of Duty Vanguard Gets Same Twitch Viewers as Sleeping Category

The Call of Duty franchise is one of the biggest in the entire gaming industry and as players continue to drop into Vanguard, the latest annual release developed by Sledgehammer Games, it appears that many aren't interested in watching others work their way through the campaign, tackle the undead in Zombies, or battle against others in multiplayer.

As Season 1 continues, millions of players may be playing the game but Vanguard's viewing figures on Twitch have plummeted, much to the concern of the community. The lack of interest has become so bad that Vanguard was attracting the same number of viewers as the "I'm only sleeping" category that's often populated with streamers taking a nap.

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Vanguard Twitch Viewership Plummets

Call of Duty Vanguard Twitch Numbers Sleeping
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The number of people watching a particular game is a great way of determining the popularity of a title and how it compares against its rivals. With plenty of competition from other first-person shooters such as CS:GO, VALORANT, and Battlefield, it's not surprising to see Vanguard's numbers struggling to compete as it sleeps on the opposition. On January 4th, the game had 3100 viewers tuning in, the same amount as the category that shows people sleeping.

COD Vanguard Sleeping
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The news is far from ideal for Call of Duty fans, who have quickly grown tired of the current state of Vanguard and have moved to new pastures to get their fix of fast-paced action. With interest at an all-time low, it remains to be seen whether Vanguard can make its way back up the viewing charts.

Why Is Call of Duty Vanguard So Bad?

While the gunplay is perhaps the best feature of Vanguard, players aren't happy with a number of issues ranging from the flawed spawn logic to a lack of ranked playlist which is seeing several members of the community jumping ship to other titles such as Halo. With Sledgehammer Games planning on several updates in the coming weeks, it will be interesting to see if any of the lost interest can be restored.

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