Trophy System Arriving in Vanguard Season 3

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Following several months of players asking for a Trophy System in Vanguard multiplayer, Sledgehammer Games has satisfied demand much to the delight of the community.

The Trophy System is a Call of Duty staple allowing players to block incoming grenades and equipment from dealing huge amounts of damage during matches. It often makes a difference when it comes to securing control of a busy area of the map.

On April 21, Activision showcased the full roadmap for Season 3 confirming the arrival of a Trophy System Field Upgrade in addition to a range of brand-new guns and weapons to use in multiplayer and Zombies.

Vanguard Trophy System

The arrival of a Trophy System in Vanguard is hugely positive. While it doesn't reflect a realistic World War 2 experience, the ability to put an end to the constant wave of grenades flying over the map is likely to bring a significant change in the core gameplay.

Casual Vanguard isn't the only section of the game that will benefit from a Trophy System. There's a high chance the Field Upgrade will appear in Ranked Play and competitive matches but some fear that it could render grenades useless with a total of 16 shared between eight players.

How To Unlock Vanguard Trophy System

Recent seasons of post-launch content have included new Equipment and Perks as part of the Battle Pass meaning there's a high chance of the Trophy System featuring as one of the 100 tiers of brand-new content.

If that's the case, simply reach the specified tier of the Battle Pass and the Field Upgrade will appear in the menus. If it's not part of the Battle Pass, there's a chance it could arrive as a new addition so you can use it straight away.

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