Treyarch Sheds Light on Vanguard Zombies Easter Egg and Round Based Maps

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Many members of the community are looking forward to diving into Der Anfang, a brand-new Zombies scenario set in the Dark Aether that will be released as part of Call of Duty Vanguard. Prior to the game's November 5th release, Treyarch has revealed a number of details on different new upgrades to the mode, including information on new Perks and the Dark Aether entities.

The Zombies mode has become a staple of the series with the mode being included in the past six Call of Duty titles. While Vanguard does include Zombies at the launch, players will not be able to solve any kind of Easter Egg. Zombies developer Treyarch shed some light on their reasons behind this in an interview with GameSpot.

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Zombies Easter Egg and Round Based Maps

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Treyarch posted a blog revealing several features of Der Anfang. In the interview with GameSpot, Creative Specialist Miles Leslie said:

“One [reason] was to make sure because we're already delivering a lot of new things, was day one for new players to first come into the world, learn about it, learn about the characters, and there's a lot of intel already in across the locations.”

Miles further added that they want the main quest to be more accessible to everyone.

When asked about the inclusion of a round-based map into Vanguard Zombies, Gavin Locke, Associate Director of Design, had an interesting take:

“I think we stripped down the round-based experience. The ever-increasing challenge and choosing how you want to play and unlocking the map, we wanted to incorporate those elements, and then we used the objectives to be the gate,” Gavin said.

Will There Be Round Based Maps in Zombies?

Der Anfang is not a standard round-based map, but a hybrid between the mode and Outbreak. Upon asking for confirmation on round-based maps, Miles guaranteed that it might get worked into some other mechanics and assured Zombies fans will be satisfied with the post-launch content Treyarch has planned

For Vanguard Zombies intel, check out everything there is to know about the weapon tiers in Der Anfang.

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