TimTheTatman Takes On Swagg In Vanguard Beta

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Tim' TimTheTatman' Betar tried out the Vanguard beta with Kris 'Swagg' Lamberson. As they were on opposite teams, it ended up being a really intense fight. There was a gunfight every few seconds, so it felt like the map was small.

Swagg didn't hold back either, and he demonstrated why he's a pro. Swagg just mowed Tim down in Vanguard, so I'd rather watch the other POV. After a while, you feel bad that TimTheTatman can't go 10 seconds without Swagg shooting at him.


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Vanguard Beta Gameplay

TimTheTatman got the opportunity to play Vanguard with Swagg, and they went at it. The video is below, but don't get your expectations very high. Swagg is just mowing people down; it's an uneven match.

I recommend starting at 1:56


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It's funny because Swagg wasn't even playing the game right, so he straight up lost. Despite being a great shooter, having players on the team who don't do the objectives can ruin a team. In the example above, Swagg annihilated 57 players, but it did not affect the score.

Even though Tim is mostly dying in this video, the game looks incredible. In this case, I was hoping for a more realistic-looking game, but it seems that wasn't the goal. It looks worse than Warzone, but maybe there will be a visual upgrade before release.

I recommend trying different weapons after watching Tim. TimTheTatman knows his weapons well, but in Vanguard, he struggled to make them work for him. Start slowly, don't expect great things right away--unless you're Swagg.