Strange Vanguard Glitch Causes Players to Teleport

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Frustration with Call of Duty Vanguard's multiplayer is continuing to grow within the often-vocal community, much to their annoyance. Despite Season 2 receiving a delay to allow more development time, numerous bugs and glitches are appearing on what feels like a daily basis.

It's fair to say that Vanguard has seen better days as fundamental flaws continue to ruin the fun despite the best efforts of Sledgehammer Games.

The latest issue allows players to teleport through structures on multiplayer maps that are meant to be solid, leaving many to question the current state of multiplayer.

Call of Duty Vanguard Teleport Glitch
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Players are teleporting around Vanguard's maps

Call of Duty Vanguard Teleport Glitch

Discovered by Reddit user 'Wrap-Lazy,' the player found themselves disappearing through a row of sandbags on Dome while attempting to gain the height advantage overlooking the middle of the map.

Having approached the sandbags, the player quickly falls back to their original spawn bemused as to how they've ended up there once again. Another player suggested that the problem could relate to lag after spotting "bad packet burst at the same time" of the glitch taking place.

How To Fix Vanguard's Teleport Glitch


Given the somewhat random nature of the teleport glitch, there are few workarounds for this particular issue. If it's related to packet burst, make sure that the internet connection is stable and has nothing interfering with it. We will have to wait for Sledgehammer Games to address the issue for a surefire fix to prevent any teleportation from happening again.

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