Call of Duty Vanguard Campaign: Stalingrad Mission Walkthrough

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Polina Petrova is arguably the most memorable character from the Call of Duty Vanguard campaign. The no-nonsense Soviet sharpshooter synonymous for her sniping prowess born in Stalingrad, only has one thing on her mind, revenge for the Nazi invasion.

Stalingrad is the third mission in the Vanguard campaign and while it may start off a little slower than many anticipated, the action quickly intensifies as the level progresses into an all-out war combined with a battle of survival. In this guide, find a full Stalingrad mission walkthrough alongside some useful tips to beat the mission on Veteran difficulty.


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Stalingrad Mission Walkthrough

Stalingrad Campaign Mission Walkthrough

The mission begins with Polina, her father, and her brother engaging in a "friendly" conversation while drinking tea. Misha quickly leaves the room while the conversation with dad carries on. Once you stand up, grab the crate of Molotov Cocktails and deliver them to Misha who's waiting at a nearby military outpost.

Reach Medical Corps

Stalingrad Vanguard Mission Walkthrough

Due to the heavy military presence, the fastest way to reach the medical corps is by traversing the rooftops. Climb up the boxes to access them. The ledges and boxes with a yellow blanket on them indicate that they can be climbed. Follow the rooftops around until you reach the medical corps on the other side of the apartment block. As you approach the two guards, they inform you that the entrance is blocked, meaning you'll have to find another way around.

Stalingrad Mission Walkthrough COD Vanguard

Thanks to your incredible crouching movement speed, head right to find a small crawlspace. Work your way through the tight space and into the medical corps and just as a commanding officer begins issuing instructions, several German bombers appear in the sky and unleash a relentless wave of gunfire onto Stalingrad.

Sprint Home

Call of Duty Vanguard Stalingrad Campaign Mission Walkthrough

Concerned for the safety of Polina's father and Misha, you begin to sprint back home through the debris and destruction caused by the planes overhead. Head back onto the rooftops, the same way you came earlier, and make your way back home.

Tip: The jump from the roof to the balcony can only be done from the higher point of the roof. Don't attempt to grab it from the lower portion.

The balcony will break away from the building, leaving your life hanging in the balance. As the building begins to fall, you'll grab onto some of the remaining bricks. Climb up the wall and into the window. As the building begins to collapse, an unexploded bomb lands right in front of you, triggering a brief cutscene.

Call of Duty Vanguard Stalingrad Campaign Mission Walkthrough

Now back on your feet, head past the bomb and down the stairs. At the bottom, a soldier will tell you to remain inside. Head right and begin working your way through the tight crawlspace that starts in the doorway. Grab the knife stuck in the chopping board and eliminate the soldier directly ahead of you.

Two soldiers will see the kill take place and immediately open fire so be quick to grab the revolving shotgun and deal with the targets before they deal any further damage. Another soldier can be seen through a barricaded wall. Shoot straight through it to clear the area.

Call of Duty Vanguard Stalingrad Campaign Mission Walkthrough

After exiting the building through a window, a heavy Axis presence can be seen on the ground. Climb up the bricks and onto the ledge for a better view. Armed with the sniper, Polina's father leans out of the window and opens fire on the soldiers below before darting back inside. The soldiers race into the building and apprehend him. Work through the ruined buildings until you come across a window. Open it and you've made it back home, but there's no sign of Polina's dad...

Kill The Soldiers

Stalingrad Mission Walkthrough

You hear Polina's father shouting from the streets below. Armed with the trusty sniper, peek out of the window and open fire on the invaders. Deal with most of them before they enter the building where the shotgun you picked up earlier will come in handy. Advance through the building, eliminating any opposition stopping your escape. Race over to Polina's father lying against the wall. Unfortunately, he succumbs to his injuries.


Find Misha

Last seen in the post office, Misha hasn't been spotted since the invasion took place. As you attempt to cross the street, a convoy of German tanks rolls into view, forcing you to take evasive action. Head left underneath a makeshift table to reach safety.

Polina Petrova Crouched In Stalingrad Street

Sneak underneath the ramp and into the nearby building. A yellow blanket will be hanging from a small vent. Climb into it and make your way out the other side into a room full of soldiers. You can take the stealthy approach or eliminate them as fast as possible with a few well-placed shotgun shells. Once outside, head through the crawlspace inside the tram and up the wall with a yellow blanket on the top.

Inside the office is the crate of Molotov Cocktails from earlier. Grab some as they will be extremely useful in the next few parts of the mission.

Call of Duty Vanguard Stalingrad Campaign Mission Walkthrough

After navigating your way through even more crawlspaces, you come across the main lobby of the post office filled with Nazi soldiers. Clear them out quickly thanks to the Molotovs and once the room is clear, find Misha and untie him.


Provide Cover

Call of Duty Vanguard Stalingrad Campaign Mission Walkthrough

Now on the roof of the post office, fire a shot to distract the enemies to allow the Partisans to reach the sewer. Use the Molotovs to destroy the armoured trucks that roll into view and pick off any targets in the hotel with the sniper rifle. After you've taken care of a potential ambush, head down to the ground and regroup with Misha.


That's our complete walkthrough of the Stalingrad mission from Call of Duty Vanguard. For more guides, check out our Operation Tonga walkthrough as well as the best controller settings to use.