Vanguard Players Annoyed With Slow Battle Pass Progression

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As the start of Season 1 Reloaded for Call of Duty Vanguard nears, players are hopeful that the first mid-season update of 2022 will see Sledgehammer Games address numerous issues impacting various areas of the game. Along with a wealth of bug fixes expected, a variety of brand-new content ranging from the new Isabella Operator to the Welgun submachine gun is expected to launch.

With Season 2 still a few weeks away, several players are continuing to work their way through the 100 Tiers of Battle Pass content much to their annoyance. Many members of the community claim that it's hard to level up thanks to the minimal XP gains earned during a match.


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Vanguard Season 1 Battle Pass Progression

Call of Duty Vanguard Season 1 Battle Pass Slow Progression

Although the Battle Pass is meant to last the entire season, players that are unable to play for several hours have become frustrated with the system, stating that the progression is far too slow leaving them unable to reach Tier 100 before the start of a new season. Reddit user 'OneUpMaximus' uncovered that it takes nearly three times as long to level up a single Tier in Vanguard than it did back in Black Ops Cold War.


After playing for six and a half hours, one user stated that they only just managed to earn three Tiers on the Battle Pass, meaning it takes around two hours of game time to earn one Tier. Based on that logic, it will take over eight days to get their hands on all of the rewards which some members of the community think is far too long.

Will Vanguard Battle Pass Progression Get Changed?

With regular Double Battle Pass XP events taking place, it's unlikely that Sledgehammer Games will consider changing the earn rates of Battle Pass XP despite players wanting an increase. If you want to hit Tier 100 before Season 2 begins, it's probably best to make the most of the Double XP.

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