Ship Haus 24/7 Has Been Removed and Vanguard Players Are Not Happy

The pre-season period for Call of Duty Vanguard is coming to a close as the launch of Season 1 draws near. During the pre-season, players have received a few pieces of content to tie them over until the start of the new season, including a remade version of Shipment which has proven to be extremely popular.

Since it returned on November 17th, players have been dropping into the all-out chaos that regularly takes place in one of the smallest maps ever seen and for the past few weeks, the Ship Haus 24/7 playlist has been the place to go. Much to the annoyance of players, Sledgehammer Games has decided to remove the playlist in favour of new content.

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Ship Haus 24/7 Removed

Ship Haus 24/7 Vanguard Playlist Removed
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Following on from a surprise Double XP weekend, players were left furious after a playlist update went live and removed the playlist from the multiplayer menu. Reddit user 'Xutsi' was quick to draw attention to its removal.

While many commenters were annoyed with the sudden change, others countered by saying that Sledgehammer Games was always going to make this change in order to maintain a variety of content available for players. "These playlists are always intended to be time-limited," one user explained.

When Will Ship Haus 24/7 Return?

As of writing (November 23rd, 2021), it's unclear as to when Ship Haus 24/7 will be making its return to Vanguard. Considering the immense popularity of the playlist, there's every chance that it will be back in Vanguard sooner rather than later, especially with Season 1 on the horizon.

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